Make money every month for doing no more than taking 6 anonymous photographs of your feet

We manage the whole process on your behalf - fast, simple and easy

We use our proven marketing and promotion strategy to optimise sales

We send you a monthly commission payment* - You have nothing else to do

Full Anonymity

Monthly hassle free income


minutes to get fully registered and started


minimum sale price per photo


photographs of your feet to register

How does it work?

Register by completing the form, attaching 6 feet photos
Include PayPal details so that we can send you monthly commissions



We promote your photographs across foot fetish platforms, forums and photo exchanges, always under an anonymous profile 


We manage and process sales of photographs across all channels on your behalf
Performance updates issued automatically


Your equal split of any revenue generated by sales of your photos during the month will be paid via PayPal on the 1st of every month
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If you opt-in for receive requests we will forward bespoke photograph offers if received
A premium price is always charged for bespoke photographs



What sort of photographs should I take?